Start a Home Efficiency Business

Like working with your hands? Want to help your community reduce its dependence on fossil fuels? We can help.

Start a home efficiency business

How does it work?

We’ve designed this program to give you the opportunity to create a business that can make you money doing work that you feel great about, every single day. By greening peoples’ homes, you can help them reduce their utility bills, and therefore their carbon footprints. A true win-win.

Our program starts with a brief consultation with Scott Cooney, founder and CEO of Pono Home, a successful home efficiency company based in Honolulu. Pono Home has won multiple awards and been selected for a clean tech incubator in both 2014 and 2016 based on its innovative and effective business model. Cooney also designed the curriculum for our training modules, so you know you’ll be getting the best training possible.

The modules are done via e-learning, which you can do at your own pace, and that come with quizzes to reinforce your learning and doublecheck your knowledge before you head out into the field. By buying a license to this training, you can also use it to train up to 4 other members of your company at any point in the future. Since the technologies are everchanging in this industry, we are constantly improving the curriculum, assuring you and your future employees will get the latest knowledge available. After you’ve passed your quizzes, you get an hour of consultation with a mentor, who will answer lingering questions and provide sound advice to give you the confidence you need to go green your first home. Your mentor won’t go away–they are there to help you now and into the future, and with this package, you get 3 months of unlimited email or phone support from your mentor to answer other questions that come up.

In addition to the above, your license comes with qualified potential customers. Through our partnership with one of the world’s largest sustainability media companies, we will deliver potential customer leads to your inbox every month in your geographic area. These leads are people who are googling solutions to reducing their utility bill, and you get all the leads we get in up to 3 zip codes near you. While this varies greatly from place to place, we have more than 100,000 leads in our database across America waiting to be served, and more come in every month.

How much does it cost?

The total cost for the program is less than $500 and there are zero hidden fees. How do we do this so cheap? The answer is that we don’t do this to make a living. We do this to help green the world, because we believe that building an army of sustainability champions around the world that make a living by greening their communities is one of the most powerful ways we can achieve global sustainability.

So…ready to join us?

How do I get started?