Start a Home Efficiency Business

Want to own a company that makes a positive difference every day?

Work with your hands, own your own schedule, and feel great about what you do. By greening homes and small businesses, you can help reduce utility bills and carbon footprints. A true win-win.

You can call your service whatever you want, brand it how you like, and do business on your own schedule.

When you buy a consulting package from us to help you start your company, it means you are the boss. You can use this package as part of another business (e.g., to get your foot in the door for larger upsells like solar, for instance), or launch it as its own entity.

No one will tell you when to work, you owe no one any royalties, and you can take 3 or 6 months off a year if you like. It’s 100% up to you.

Can you actually make money doing this?

Yes, we’ve been doing it for seven years.

What we’re offering to sell is the accumulated knowledge, tools, training, research and development that we’ve refined after 7 successful years running Pono Home, a service that greens homes and small businesses. You’ll get personalized help from Pono Home’s founder, Scott Cooney, (pictured to the right, on the cover of Pacific Edge Magazine‘s sustainability issue a few years ago).

So why aren’t we just expanding? 

We like the idea of people owning their own business doing this. We explored franchising, and found it to be onerous. We’d have to:

  1. impose minimums on you,
  2. dictate where you work (your territory),
  3. tell you what colors your shirts have to be,
  4. even tell you which tool to use to loosen a wing nut…..

It would also impose much more cost on you. To do it right, from the Franchise Agreement to the Franchise Manual to the legal filings to the oversight we’d have to impose on you, we’d have to charge $30,000 at the very least, and if you shop franchises in this space, you’ll see that’s on the very low end, with some going for 5-6x that.

So what if you could just own a business doing similar work, but without all that hassle and extra cost? 

If you want a sneak preview of the type of work we’ll teach you how to do, check out this video. Note the bidding tool our technician shows the client is something that will be developed for you (with your company’s branding) if you become our customer!


We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and you will be, too. Every year, from the homes we’ve serviced, Pono Home is saving:

What other business opportunity do you know that will allow you to fight climate change, make a living, save people real money, and be (entirely) your own boss?

OK, so how much to buy in?

We believe in clear, easy, and transparent business. Here’s our pricing for two different packages, and remember, there’s no hidden fees.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the following form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly!