Start a Home Efficiency Service

Use our FREE program to start a home efficiency service in your area.

  1. reduce peoples’ utility bills and carbon footprints.
  2. call your service whatever you want, brand it how you like, and do business on your own terms and schedule. Take 6 months off if you like – it’s 100% up to you.


Here’s the type of work you could be doing:

There’s no cost and no catch.

What we’re offering to help you with is the accumulated knowledge, tools, training, research and development that we’ve refined after 7 successful years running Pono Home, a service that greens homes and small businesses and has served over 15,000 customers.

So why aren’t we just expanding? 

This service works best with a local owner, so we explored franchising, and found it to be onerous. There’s minimums, territories, royalties, secret shoppers…franchising is harsh.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and you will be, too. Every year, from the homes we’ve serviced, Pono Home is saving:

What other opportunity do you know that will allow you to fight climate change, make money, save people money, and be (entirely) your own boss?

And this is all free?

We do ask you for a deposit up front, but you get a full refund if you:

    1. Do customer discovery. We will provide a template for this, to show you exactly what to do. All you need to do is interview a handful of people to find out how you could help them.
    2. Do 3 audits. Take your training, your tool belt, and a clipboard and hit the road to audit a few homes – we’ll train you how and give you access to software and paperwork that make the job easy.
    3. Write us an email that says, simply, that you’ll do your best. We’d love nothing more than for you to succeed and become a powerful climate champion. Putting a commitment in writing is a good first step to get you there.

We do have a Freemium and a Premium offering, of course. Here’s the two options:


How do I get started?

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