Energy and water efficiency is hands-down one of the best investments homeowners, renters, and small business owners can make. Many times the service will pay for themselves in less than a year with the energy and water savings they’ll create, while also reducing global carbon emissions to make the world more sustainable. This site, Home Efficiency, is all about helping you get there. We train people to start home efficiency related companies.

Our company

Home Efficiency is part of the Important Media Network. With about 5 million readers per month, Important Media is one of the world’s largest sustainability-oriented media companies. Our company includes the world’s most well read and respected clean energy website CleanTechnica and other sustainability news sites all with the same goal: to help facilitate a global transition to a sustainable future. Both Important Media and its sister company Pono Home were founded by Scott Cooney, a five time eco-entrepreneur, 2 time author, 1 time sustainability board game developer, former professor of sustainable business in the MBA program at the University of Hawaii, and really mediocre surfer. 🙂

Scott’s been there and done it–he doesn’t just talk the talk. He’s personally gotten on ladders, hands/knees, under/behind appliances, and deep into the guts of homes big and small, rich and not-so-rich. He’s personally greened over 1000 homes, hired and trained more than a dozen technicians to do services, and built the IT infrastructure, contracts, sales platforms, and reporting mechanisms that support it all. All he wants to do is help you get going in your community and become part of the solution to so many of the world’s problems.

And he loves to connect! Drop Scott a line on LinkedIn to learn more.