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Customized energy efficiency programs

With our Home Efficiency Self-Audit (HESA), energy efficiency and economic development programs can maximize results per dollar spent, while ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and net promoter scores.

  • COVID-friendly economic development and clean energy initiative
  • Limited budgets can be focused on the measures with the best ROI
  • Customers get tailored recommendations on larger (e.g., appliance) upgrades, along with rebate info you want to promote
  • People are educated while doing their own audit. We co-create this education with you and incorporate your local knowledge
  • We do all the customer support
  • Additional forms of HESA can be included – see case study on Kauai at the bottom of this page for the efficacy of a paper version elderly residents used alongside the online app, to submit their info in a method they’re more familiar with
  • For property managers and others with split utility bill responsibilities, achieving win-win solutions are easy with the HESA – savings for all!
  • It’s surgical – each participant in your community receives exactly the efficiency measures they need

Here’s a sample of the report a resident gets when they receive a box of efficiency upgrade items:

Each resident gets a custom report of how much money, energy, water and carbon they’ll save from the measures they request for their home, plus instructions on how to install them all

How it works

  1. We co-create the program with your local desired outcomes and knowledge
  2. We either use the existing HESA, or build a website with localized branding and a customized scope of work in a self-auditing tool and publicly acknowledge you, our local partners
  3. We teach a webinar on how to use the HESA for your constituents, which is recorded and closed captioned for future use so residents can watch on their own time
  4. Residents use the tool, and we analyze the data to deliver the maximum benefit per dollar
  5. We promote the cooperation with our PR channels, which include CleanTechnica, the world’s largest clean energy news site
  6. At the end of the program, we deliver data to you on every measure sent with metrics established by the Hawaii Energy Technical Reference Manual (or your local TRM if you prefer), for you to give to your stakeholders

Check out our public-facing HESA here.

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Municipal and utility-scale energy efficiency programs vary in levels of effectiveness. Generic, one-size-fits-all measure kits are often distributed for ease of logistics. These kits tend to oversimplify residential efficiency and may not make meaningful impact. Sending auditors out to homes in a targeted community is a far superior concept, but with a price tag that makes it less feasible (and now COVID has complicated that option even further). Circuit-rider, or train-the-trainer programs are somewhere in between, and if customizable per home, may result in the most impact per dollar spent.

After working in residential energy efficiency for 6 years, we came to the conclusion that there are a lot of DIY types out there who want to join the efficiency bandwagon but simply don’t want someone in their home. We’ve found these folks have been eager to do the self-audit.


In June 2020, we kicked off our first HESA economic development and environmental resilience program with our partners, including the County of Kauai and the Kauai Economic Development Board. The island of Kauai has set an ambitious goal of 60% renewable energy by 2030, and they are on track to hit this goal a decade early. Energy efficiency helps achieve this goal, while simultaneously helping keep more money in the community rather than sending it out of state to buy fossil fuels (oil is a large portion of the state of Hawaii’s energy mix). The money residents save through this program can then recirculate back into Kauai’s economy – a virtuous cycle!

Residents of Kauai used both the online form and a paper form (specifically made for elderly residents). The results are clear:


-George E., first Kauai resident to complete the HESA and receive his order

“What can I say. Wow. Great and useful items. All geared to saving energy and natural resources like water….the smart surge protectors are just the right thing. So many devices are “On” when off. Great water saving devices, too – I especially like the shower on-off switch. You get the right temperature and flow and then you can turn it off/on without wasting water. Keep up the great work! Everything is super useful.”

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