Home Efficiency Business Training Modules

Welcome to HomeEfficiency University! Below are links to the modules you have access to. Most are password protected, and a password will have been provided to you as part of your access pass to the material. The quizzes will be sent to you when you have completed your study, and can be completed on your own time.

Quiz answers may be in the modules or in the suggested readings noted in the modules. 

First, watch this video to get a holistic sense of the business.

Introductory Modules

Module 1: Clean Home Technology Basics

Module 2: The Healthy Home

Training Modules

Module 3: Lighting Auditing and LED Upgrades

Module 4: Kitchens

Module 5: Bathrooms

Module 6: Bedrooms, Electronics, and Living Rooms

Module 7: Heating and Cooling

Module 8: Windows & Doors

Module 9: Laundry Rooms

Module 10: Water Heaters

Module 11: Auto/Transportation

Module 12: Pools & Hot Tubs

Module 13: Walls and Attic Insulation